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How to take pictures and video with a GoPro

Action cameras are widely used all over the world for every situation.
Many people take out there GoPro on a dive, without knowing how to use it best. How do you adjust white balance, color, and exposure?
When should you use a red filter and how do you keep the action camera more steady?
This is where we at Videobubbles can help, with our new course, GoPro beginner to pro.
Enhance your knowledge, become more skilled and be ready for your next diving holiday.

How to take video underwater

Taking video underwater, requires outstanding buoyancy control, good air management, and flexibility. This is where we at Videobubbles are passionate about and seek to deliver memorable videos in high quality.
Depending on the type of camera and housing, accessories such as red filter mind be needed, to get the best results.
Adjusting white balance to the changing depth and therefor color absorption,
is a must and has to become your second nature.
Techniques like, flyover, gliding zoom, and different perspectives, will make the video more diverse and together with the right edit, captivating to the viewer.
We cover editing further down on the page

How to take pictures underwater

Unlike video, photos require a fundamental understanding of the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and iso.
Having full control of those functions will enable you to take more interesting pictures where YOU despite, how your composition looks like.
The Equipment needed for that will include different lenses, ports, and flashlights. Patience is needed, to wait for the right moment and often it takes several shots with different settings to capture the scene or subject desired.

How to edit videos

This is where everything comes together, great music, quality shots and an arrangement, that matches the pace of the music.
A sense of the right length and logical order of the shots is necessary, to keep the viewer captivated and curious about what comes next.
The type of music is as important as the shots itself, to let the two melt together and become one.
Color grading will be your power tool, to make your shots stand out and leave your viewers speechless.To give you some ideas about editing, feel free to browse through our video library.