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Browsing through our website you will find out who we are, what we do and more importantly: where you can find us. Just a few hours flight from Europe you find the beautiful waters of the Red Rea with its abundance of marine life. In the key tourist destinations from Hurghada, Safaga to the wonders of the South in Marsa Alam you find the service of Videobubbles. We are a team of professional underwater video operators and instructors with a passion for diving and respect for the underwater world. With the use of highly professional equipment, we are able to provide divers throughout the Red Sea with an everlasting memory of their underwater adventure. 


Videobubbles is also involved with various hotels and live-aboard companies in creating image and promotion videos. Videobubbles is registered at the ministry of Egyptian Culture and works in respect of local laws for the protection of the environment. (HEPCA). This is our world… Leave only bubbles, take only memories… Videobubbles, your memory of the Red Sea.